High Growth Stock Mini-Basket Redux

A look back at how my November recommendation has played out.

My “high-growth mini-basket” Let’s look at the tape.

The stocks I recommended in November.

  • Slack (WORK) 11/20/2020 – $29.24 finished at $45.20 on July 20th and acquired by Salesforce (CRM)
  • Twilio (TWLO) 11/20/2020 – $298.31 finished today (08/09/2021) at $376.02
  • Square (SQ) – 11/20/2020 – $195.97 finished today (08/09/2021) at $279.73
  • Shopify (SHOP) – 11/20/2020 – $988.51 finished today (08/09/2021) at $1,549.99

These four tend to move in tandem.

In the basket until COVID is over:

  • Peloton (PTOM) 11/20/2020 – $110.90 finished today (08/09/2021) at $116.58
  • Zoom (ZM) 11/20/2020 – $439.60 finished today (08/09/2021) at $383.34

Basket adjacent:

  • PayPal (PYPL) 11/20/2020 – $192.67 finished today (08/09/2021) at $278.15

At the time I wrote the following “All of these stocks have extremely high valuations, but they are the future of e-commerce. Zoom and Peloton are included because they are considered “e-commerce” growth companies, but they are really benefitting from COVID as much as anything. All of these offer high beta option plays if you dare. WORK and TWLO are our favorites followed by SQ.”

My recommendation today would be to sell 50% of this basket. Look for a reentry closer to the November prices or lower.

Check back in in six months.

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