Palm Groundhog Springs Day

When you watch Palm Springs you get the distinct sense that screenwriter Andy Siara was hanging out with his buddies playing the “What would you do if you could remake Groundhog Day?” game.

Siara takes it a step further and actually does it. Palm Springs is a modern day twist on the iconic Bill Murray film. I loved it.

Sure, I could write a longer review, but what’s the point? Palm Springs is a good movie. It’s on Hulu. Watch it.

I don’t know why movie reviews are so long. I don’t ask friends for a movie recommendation, and then say “Pick one you like and talk about it uninterrupted for five minutes.” Uh…no. If you like long reviews/interviews here is a good one with Andy Siara.

Okay, I’ll add one more line – Andy Samberg kills it here. Best I’ve seen him.


A Few Interesting Drawings

Going through my computer cleaning things up. Found these drawings I did a few years ago.

No idea what all of the extended arms and tongues mean. I bet a therapist would know. But as an old comedian friend said upon learning the root of his problems from his psychologist, “Doc, I would’ve paid you not to tell me that.” 🙂

Beverly Hills For Trump

Went to lunch in Beverly Hills today. Coincided with a huge Trump rally/parade.

I guesstimate about 5,000 people marched past us while we ate. Most people just yelled the standard “USA! USA!” chant you’d hear at a soccer match. One lady yelled through a megaphone that “we”, meaning me and everyone at the restaurant with me, were voting for a pedophile on Tuesday. That was news to the couple next to us who were wearing Trump t-shirts for sure.

Earlier, I met a fellow while waiting for the bathroom at the restaurant. We chatted for a moment or two and I mentioned I own a travel company and how bad things are at present for our industry. He replied, “I’m taking flights again, that’s good at least.” I asked if it was weird on planes. He said “no, I’ve heard of incidents but not on my flights,” he paused, smiled, cocked his head and said, “I don’t fly coach anyway.” This same guy ran out to the front of the restaurant and started screaming “YOU ARE ALL RACISTS! ALL OF YOU!” over and over as soon as the Trump parade happened by.

According to the police a competing ANTIFA rally was a few blocks away. They didn’t march past our restaurant though. Darn. I was hoping for a second parade.

One thing hit me during all of this. People are marching for Trump or against Trump for sure, but I think the above image of a boarded up Neiman Marcus on Wilshire Blvd. explains more about the angst and anger in our country than anything else. This is a store in the heart of Beverly Hills just a stones throw from Rodeo Drive. If a high-end boutique can’t survive there, where can it survive? The economy is in a tougher spot than people realize. COVID’s devastation will only show its true impact once the government stops writing checks and bailing out business. No doubt.

A few other random thoughts:

Another boutique that wasn’t boarded up and closed had this outfit in the window:

I think it was custom made for the Chairwoman of T-Mobile and she forgot to pick it up.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Palm trees against a crimson sky. LA sunsets are beautiful.

Coach has designed some limited edition Jean Michel Basquiat inspired hand bags.

The bag pictured is $395, but will probably be a collectors item before you know it. If you are inclined, buy it and put it in a closet and forget about it.

Restaurant: Mirame 419 N. CAÑON DR, BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210. Definitely recommend. Small bites Michelin starred chef.


So there is this guy on Wondery that does this podcast about the making of famous movies. The first two series were excellent: Inside Jaws and Inside Star Wars. I haven’t listened to the third or fourth installments Inside Psycho and Inside The Exorcist, but assume they are good.

I have to warn you though, the narrator voices every voice himself and it is really annoying…for about five minutes. Once you get used to it you’ll love it. I probably wouldn’t listen to the show anymore if he stopped doing all of the voices.

Hoping the next one is Inside The Godfather or Goodfellas.

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