Palm Groundhog Springs Day

When you watch Palm Springs you get the distinct sense that screenwriter Andy Siara was hanging out with his buddies playing the “What would you do if you could remake Groundhog Day?” game.

Siara takes it a step further and actually does it. Palm Springs is a modern day twist on the iconic Bill Murray film. I loved it.

Sure, I could write a longer review, but what’s the point? Palm Springs is a good movie. It’s on Hulu. Watch it.

I don’t know why movie reviews are so long. I don’t ask friends for a movie recommendation, and then say “Pick one you like and talk about it uninterrupted for five minutes.” Uh…no. If you like long reviews/interviews here is a good one with Andy Siara.

Okay, I’ll add one more line – Andy Samberg kills it here. Best I’ve seen him.